AXE GIANT is the first feature from company Kinetic Filmworks, founded by Jeff Miller and Gary Jones. Jeff and Gary have many years in the film business. They had been introduced through a mutual friend, actor Gunnar Hansen ("Leatherface" from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE), with whom both Jeff and Gary had made films. Jeff and Gary eventually decided to form their own production company with an eye toward making genre films.

Jeff came up with the idea of doing a horror film about Paul Bunyan while brainstorming at Solar de Cahuenga, a coffee shop in Hollywood, CA. He thought "What if Bunyan was a real person, only he wasn't the nice guy everyone made him out to be?" He scribbled down a couple of lines of an idea, then later, at the same coffee shop, pitched the idea to Gary, who was instantly struck by it. The two then began to outline the rest of the story and decided to make it the first film for Kinetic.

After several drafts of the script, the movie went into production. It has shot in several locations over three states -- California, Ohio, and Michigan